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Gratia's Project Priorities:

  • The buildings for the first phase of the permanent campus for Tansian University
  • The Pan-African scholarship program
  • Sports Academy at Tansian University

Phase One of the permanent campus for Tansian University

The Tansian University is currently educating 2500 students at its satellite campus in Oba, but the long term plans are to build a permanent campus to educate some 15,000 students on 250 beautiful acres in Umunya, ideally located for airports and ground transportation. The master plan for the permanent university has already been approved and in addition to state-of-the-art academic buildings and student housing will also include a world class athletic complex and leadership training/conference facilities and will incorporate food plots and wind, solar, and hydroelectric power for self sustainable and environmentally friendly food and energy supply. Having built a strong reputation already for quality and ethics in an extremely difficult environment and already providing hope for a bright future to thousands of students, Tansian University is well on its way towards realizing its vision but needs help with the capital costs of building the new campus.

The first step towards the goal of the permanent site will be to build a main classroom block, an administrative block, two student dormitories, and the sufficient infrastructure to support these buildings, the sum of which would allow Tansian University to educate and house several thousand students. An American engineering firm is already working pro bono on all the civil engineering for the site. It is essential that we build this campus to top international standards appropriate for the quality of teaching and leadership to which we aspire in creating a flagship university that will attract attention from all over Africa and throughout the world.

Pan-African Scholarship Program

Tansian University aims to become an international leader in terms of ethics, quality of education, and student experience on par with some of the leading institutions across the world. In line with this vision, a pan-African scholarship is being built to support students from every African nation to attend the Tansian University.

Together these scholarship students will participate not only in an educational experience of the highest standards, but also be in dialogue about leadership, human dignity, ethics and resolution of challenging issues in their own countries. Through this programme they will build long lasting networks with the future leaders of their neighbouring countries, sharing a vision for change and integrity for all.

Sports Academy

In conjunction with Tansian University and the four feeder schools in the surrounding area, Gratia and VPF plan to create a sports academy based at a world-class athletic complex on the 250 acre permanent university site. We believe that sport provides an essential element in the education and character development which we are aiming to facilitate in Nigeria. In addition, those select few with the opportunity to transcend their milieu of poverty through sports careers need the concomitant education and character development to flourish fully in a dignified future and to protect them from those who would take advantage or lead them astray. Our vision is to integrate sports training at various levels, beginning with football and then adding other sports schools for teenage students, a talent development program for athletes with potential futures in sport, competitive sports leagues for the students, and finally Tansian University teams to compete on the intercollegiate level with the related character development and life skills programs as we seek to facilitate a new generation of leaders for Africa and beyond. We intend to bring in the finest coaches and to attract students from all over Africa with scholarships to Tansian University. We are looking for sponsors now to build this academy and fund the scholarships. Visit the Tansian Sports Academy website for further information.

Educational movie on unplanned pregnancy

Gratia International has a dramatic, educational movie, featuring top Hollywood talent and with production already completed, on the issue of unplanned pregnancy. Gratia is currently raising the funding to market and launch the movie as an educational project so that as many students and parents possible can be educated on this key issue of our times.

With your help, Gratia can continue having a positive impact on economic, social and spiritual poverty throughout the world.