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Gratia's Mission

Our goal at Gratia International is to address the issues of poverty and injustice in all their forms—economic, social, and spiritual—with special focus on the correlative devastation brought by material poverty and the personal implications that it has in the spiritual realm, with the loss of hope, dignity, and self-respect in the face of hatred and corruption.

There is desperate need to reduce poverty all over the world. This need is perhaps greatest in Africa which since the end of the 20th centry has lagged behind other developing regions in its economic and social growth due in large part to the concatenate challenges of corruption, HIV/AIDS, and misguided ‘from-the-top-down’ international aid. Poverty is exacerbated by corruption and injustice. Corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency costs billions and undermine vital efforts to provide education, health, fresh water, etc. Africa and the rest of the world can ill afford for this diverse and abundant land to continue along this path.

Gratia’s mission, open to all regardless of race, religion, or ability, is to help transform the lives of the poor through the restoration of hope and dignity with particular focus on supporting social entrepreneurs and their initiatives in education, leadership, and enterprise.

We believe that the transformation we seek to cultivate can only be achieved by local agents who can provide leadership, encourage community development, build local support, and understand local needs and challenges. What makes Gratia unique is our commitment to structuring the right balance with our partners, who don't want handouts but instead desire the dignity of making their own decisions and solving their own problems.

Gratia’s role is to encourage and facilitate our partners’ initiatives and responsibility, thereby fostering hope for a sustainable and dignified future and posterity. Understanding that the partnership is most fruitful when its benefits will meet needs over time, we incorporate and require sustainability planning into our partnerships and we work to reinforce the accountability and integrity of our partners’ projects.

An anonymous benefactor covers all of Gratia International's overhead, which means that 100% of all donations go straight to the beneficiaries on the ground.

A person’s dignity is requisite for true, lasting change, and can only be achieved with integrity: we pay no graft or bribes nor support corruption in any form.